January 2020 in Review

I feel like January was a fast month. For me, January felt like a theater-themed month. It is time for my January in review now that it is February.


Well, my birthday is in January. In terms of dinner, I always want Boeuf Bourgeion (French Pot Roast) and Creme Brûlée- so we always have to go out. Well, all of my presents were musical-theatre themed- a word search, a musical-theatre bag (my 2nd one I can take to the theaters), and a shirt that says “There was once was a girl that really loved musicals. It was me. The end”.

Come From Away

My first musical of the year came pretty early- January 12th. For Christmas, Santa put “Come From Away” tickets in my stocking. It was my first time seeing the show, and loved our seats- in the balcony (even at Belk, love those seats). I laughed quite a lot and what a heartwarming story of kindness, compassion, and humanity.


La Bohème

Crazy how just one week before this opera, I saw Come From Away. What a switch- from musical to opera and from comedy to tragedy. That was quite a switch. Actually my family was not planning La Bohème- Opera Carolina was doing La Bohème, but because of Come From Away, none of us were going to go. I had to wanted to see the opera live for quite some time. I was not expecting for my mom and I to be given tickets- literally- a surprise for me.

Just like Come From Away, I did get the laughter, but that laughter was more of comic relief. We are talking about a tragic love story- I almost literally lost it at the end-partly had to do with who I had as Rodolfo and Mimi-I fell in love with those two that I literally did not want things to end tragically (that is the struggle with watching a tragic love story). I love La Bohème- I especially love the music written for Rodolfo and Mimi and what I love about the story is that they truly did love each other despite some complications. You truly saw just how much they loved each other when it was too late. With La Bohème, we got the 11th row from the stage.


3 thoughts on “January 2020 in Review

    • I loved what the town of Gander did- kindness, humanity, and compassion during those five days. I laughed more times than I thought I would coming in.

      So, wonder what’s in store for February


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