The Iliad- My Thoughts

To be a bookworm does mean that you love to read. For me, I do love classics and fantasies. The one genre I forgot to mention is mythology- my favorite unit I read in high school was in 10th grade when the class read myths. Two of the stories we read were The Iliad and The Odyssey- in those days, I saw them basically as one book- one took place during the Trojan War and the other was after. How many millennials do you think would attempt to read the entire work of either- as in the entire poems?

I was one of them. I literally (maybe) in August first picked up a copy of The Iliad that I was given by a family church friend. I was determined to actually never give up on that book while writing my book. It did read like like a poem- if you actually saw The Iliad as one story, you would be reading a tragic poem—so technically I did like a tragedy in high school. It was The Iliad- but did not see it that way due to seeing Iliad and Odyssey as one story. But The Iliad really is a tragedy. One of the confusing parts is how do we have Achilles as our main character who stays inactive for most of the book (I believe)- he doesn’t get active until his best companion is killed- so how is he is the main character?

We do get to see the God/Goddesses involvement in the Trojan War. It is the Achaeans versus the Trojans. Most of the novel is fighting. Parts are sacrifices to the Gods themselves. It does seem as if some of the Gods are in favor of one side over the other. That is what makes “The Iliad” fit under mythology along with who some of the characters parentage was.

Well, this poem feels like the chapters are longer than they really are. I think that has to due with it not being written like a novel. I had to read one chapter at a time. Reading something like The Iliad can be surprising- but I did and finished it. The Iliad in some ways helps set up “The Odyssey”.

Spinning Silver is next and after that, going to The Odyssey. I think “The Odyssey” is more of what I think of when it comes to a myth. When I think of myths, I think of Gods/Goddesses, Quests, and Beasts. Still have not yet given up on my book- but still love reading for fun.

2 thoughts on “The Iliad- My Thoughts

  1. I love the Iliad! It’s one of my favorites, really, and I just love all of the characters that emerge in it. I definitely want to reread this one sometime again soon!


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