Parental Love in Theater

There is romance and friendship in live theater, but another type of love shown in live theater is the love found in families. I feel like family love can easily be overlooked. There are BOTH loving and unloving families in the theater community. What I want to focus on today are the loving families.

  1. Belle and Maurice
  2. Valjean and Cosette
  3. Annie and Daddy Warbucks
  4. Simba and Mufasa

Think of any other good family relationships in musical theatre?

2 thoughts on “Parental Love in Theater

  1. Familial relationships in theatre are some of my favorites. I really love the ones you mentioned here. One that comes to mind is Aladdin and his mom–though she never makes an appearance. I feel like “Proud of Your Boy” really gives her some sort of character in the musical without her ever appearing. I also really like the relationship between Sisi and her dad in Elisabeth because, while she idolizes him when she’s younger, she realizes that she can never be that image she had of him in her youth and that maybe he wasn’t as perfect as she always had thought of him as being. It just feels like such a real, heavy dynamic to me.


    • Just like friendship- this one gets overlooked too. I think family relationships are very easy to not take notice of despite the fact that they exist


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