Fictional Couples in Literature (Books, Movies, Musicals, Operas, TV)

We see couples all the time in storytelling. They are part of humanity. Love is one of the most common themes and emotions. I usually do a post on musical couples. Now- for the first time will combine my favorite couples. Most of my favorite couples are in musicals: it is just the easiest for me to spot them in musicals due to song. In TV and books, it is really really difficult to even know they exist, but there are some I have spotted. I only know of one Opera couple and I do love them. Now for the entire list- you will know which form of literature they fall under.

  1. Buttercup and Westley
  2. Hermione and Ron
  3. Elphaba and Fiyero
  4. Cosette and Marius
  5. Jasmine and Aladdin
  6. Nala and Simba
  7. Katherine and Jack Kelly
  8. Belle and Beast
  9. Christine and Raoul
  10. Maria and The Captain
  11. Mimi and Roger
  12. Mimi and Rodolfo
  13. Emelie and Nellie
  14. Kim and Chris

See, what I mean. Mostly musical theatre couples- some of those overlap into book couples. For example, Marius and Cosette were created in the book, Les Misérables- so both book and musical. The same applies to Christine and Raoul.You also have the book/movie couples. I know I love more couples than the list given, but I love combining all storytelling couples into one.

2 thoughts on “Fictional Couples in Literature (Books, Movies, Musicals, Operas, TV)

    • There is defiantly never a shortage.

      It is the easiest to think of couples from musicals- I think that has to do with song.

      With books- I find them hard to spot or even remember

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