Types of Books I Don’t Think I Will Write

It has already been known that I am in the process of writing one book. In addition, I have two I plan to write after that. I thought of a strange idea for a post: that is what types and genres of books I don’t think I will ever write.


No way, I would even attempt this because I do not even like this genre. The scariest type of book I will stay at is Harry Potter. So, that genre is out: horror- too creepy and not me. Of all genres- this is never going to happen.


Don’t think so either. You can like a genre and not want to write it. I do not think I can do this right. I know what tragedies require (the heartbreak and the eventual catharsis)- just do not think I can handle it emotionally. It was hard enough creating Sarge’s backstory and later in Greatest Discovery, creating the backstories of the six girls means explaining how their parents died (that would be the closest I would get to killing someone off).


I already do not like some romantic books, which sounds a bit ironic. There have been some I do love: those books do fit under other genres as well. I do love some musicals that are love stories. But in the book world- it can be a bit harder. How can I even tackle this? I feel like my couple will be that couple that is just clumsy and weak, and that no one will like.


It sounds like so far, I am limiting my ideas. Well, my first book is a fantasy. My 2nd is a picture book that is an adventure book (I think, if you were to give it a genre). I do not even know what Greatest Discovery is- still middle grade. Have no ideas right now past GD. All I can think of past my 3rd WIP is try to create some of my stories from the past- the ones I was told to write down. I am still curious about some things: what if I created expansive world like Narnia, what would it look like, and what story would come out of it- here’s what I do know: Fairy Frogs would live there? Another thought was if I even attempted YA, what idea would come to mind. My ideas keep on being meant for children.

4 thoughts on “Types of Books I Don’t Think I Will Write

  1. I think every writer has a genre or two that they avoid writing. Like you said, you can like a genre and not want to write it! For me, horror and thriller are outside of the genres I have even the slightest interest in writing. I wouldn’t be able to do them well and I’d rather leave them to the experts!


    • I have been asked “how do you know you will not like horror if you never seen it”. Well- in that case, I was not judging it in the negative way I was judging tragedies. I already knew the answer- horror is just too creepy and gross and too you know what I am talking about

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