Different Types of Romances in Musicals

Romance is common among musicals. Every single couple is different. There are different types of romances. What exactly are they?

Love Triangle

This is complex. Usually, two people are in love with the same person. I have found some to be weaker than others and some to be stronger than others. The level of complexity varies. From Oklahoma to Phantom of the Opera to Les Mis to Wicked- just naming some: you can see how different each of these are. That has to do with the songs, the characters, and the love triangles role in the story.

Tragic Love Story

From West Side Story to Miss Saigon to Hadestown: you have the tragic couples. I could have included Miss Saigon in the love triangle, but Kim and Chris are a tragic couple: when Ellen gets involved, a love triangle does form. For me, I still would list them under this category. In some ways, the hardest tragedies to see unfold are tragic love stories: if you strongly love a couple, you desperately don’t want it to turn out tragic even though you know.

Disney Couples

There is something magical and innocent about these couples. Beauty and the Beast, Lion King, Aladdin, and Newsies have romance. Beauty and the Beast technically is a love triangle too if you think about it, but in my eyes fits the best under Disney.

Typical Couples

This are the couples that fall under the regular category. They are not tragic, not part of a Disney couple, not in a love triangle, etc…., but they can be different. They are pretty much a typical couple. From Rent to South Pacific to Pippin to Music Man- see what I mean.

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