Past Characters I Created

I thought for fun to talk about some of the characters I previously created. As in—-before I created this blog and before I had the three book ideas. They are characters that actually come from my childhood. I actually was a storyteller and at times was told to write my stories down. I think that does connect to why I love musicals. Some of those characters—-I still remember.

Super Meg

Literally, I made up a superhero and named her after me. However, she wasn’t a character as in book character. She had super speed and super strength. She does have a blue cape that has a white bunny on it- that was based on the blanket I put on myself when I became Super Meg. She actually was how I saw Harry Potter for the first- I put the cape on.

Meg and Emma Family

They have a family- so put them here. Now let me bring up the entire family.

Meg: 2nd grade superhero; twin. Their bedroom is at the basement of their house.

Emma: 2nd grade superhero; twin to Meg. They share the same bedroom

Benny: One of their younger brothers

Chris: The other younger brother.

  • I know Meg and Emma have two younger brothers, and at least one of them is adopted.

Pad: Yes, I named their 16 year old sister a strange name. I was quite young at the time.

Outside of family

Kit: She is their best friend

The characters from Meg and Emma are the most memorable to me- something tells me those are the stories I told the most.

If I was to recreate Meg and Emma, I would recreate some things. As in, I might need to do some name changes, etc—now that I know more about writing a book.

2 thoughts on “Past Characters I Created

  1. Aww, this is really cute! This was an interesting post to read; I definitely had characters like these that I created in my mind as a child–some of which I may still daydream about from time to time. Loved reading this!


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