Love Songs- Non-romance

This shall be an interesting list of songs. Did I forget to put down a list of love songs? I decided to write down a list of love songs that have nothing to do with romance- it could be any of them: from friendship to family to even something like love for a country. Any category of love fits this bill.

  1. For Good
  2. Red and Black
  3. Do You Hear the People Sing
  4. Drink With Me
  5. Bring Him Home
  6. A Little Fall of Rain
  7. Santa Fe (Prologue)
  8. Carrying the Banner
  9. The World Will Know
  10. Seize the Day
  11. King of New York
  12. Once and For All
  13. Babkak, Omar, Aladdin, Kassim
  14. High Adventure
  15. Finale B
  16. No Matter What
  17. I’d Give My Life For You

Some of these look unusual to put on this list, but they do work.

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