Reasons Why Christine is the Protagonist of Phantom of the Opera

It can be easily debated who is the main character of Phantom of the Opera. Yes, the musical is called “The Phantom of the Opera”, but it doesn’t make him the main character. In fact, I see the Phantom as the antagonist. I want this post to try to explain why I believe Christine is the main character.

First, I want to make things clear. I have not seen Phantom enough times to make the best explanation. However, I know it enough to try to explain. Now, time for my explanation.

For one thing, she is literally one of the first characters that we get to know after the overture. Usually the main character is one of the first characters we get to meet. I feel like we spend the most time with Christine throughout the course of the entire musical even though the plot is a love triangle between Christine, Raoul, and the Phantom. We don’t even meet Raoul until the end of “Think of Me”- and there are only references to the Phantom ghost. We don’t even meet him until after “Angel of Music”, which was a song that took place after meeting Raoul. It is in the song, “Phantom of the Opera” where we truly got to meet the Phantom. I am talking about the order of meeting the characters to try to show that Christine is our main character.

In terms of songs, Christine does seem to sing the most- “Think of Me”, “Angel of Music”, “Phantom of the Opera”, “All I Ask of You”, “Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again”, “Point of No Return”- among those other moments in between, which I don’t even remember- you meet her as a dancer at the beginning, the first major character- that does say something. She is the one who truly develops throughout the musical. When I saw Grace Morgan, who was an understudy, played Christine, at Peace Center in Greenville in 2014, I felt most connected to Christine. I think it was partly because Christine is our main character.

Some people say she shouldn’t be with Raoul, but with Phantom—–I can understand why Raoul wouldn’t believe her that a Phantom ghost is lurking the Opera house,—after all it is his first time there. Look at some of Raoul’s lyrics in “All I Ask of You”. Christine is a bit scared of Phantom, so why are people saying she should be with Phantom. I just wanted to say that. Phantom is defiantly your antagonist- he has been haunting the Opera house for some time and people who have been performing and working there are aware of this. This is where the show gets its haunting feel. Christine and Raoul’s relationship is where the show gets its beauty along with its beautiful music. “All I Ask of You” is a BIG reason why I love Raoul and Christine as a couple.

Do you agree- is Christine the main character of Phantom of the Opera?

2 thoughts on “Reasons Why Christine is the Protagonist of Phantom of the Opera

  1. I would definitely agree with this. To me, it’s the only structure that really makes sense I think. The audience predominantly follows the story through her eyes and that, to me, makes her the protagonist!


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