February 2020 in Review

It is now officially March 2020. That means it is time for my month in review. February does not big highlights unlike January. However, it doesn’t mean I did not get anything out of February. I actually do have highlights for February.

Tale of the Cattail Forest

My highlights for February mainly relate to this book. I officially finished my 4th draft. I literally hit a road block in some time in January or February meaning I had no idea what to do—I knew I just had to make what I accomplished as my 4th draft. So, 4th draft was finished in February, and boy that draft did not come easy- the hardest one yet.

Any March Plans

Here’s what I can say about March. I do have an actual highlight coming up in March. It is an informance for Anastasia and hoping to get tickets for the musical. Here’s for hopes: ever since falling in love with like five songs, I wanted to see Anastasia, but it NEVER was coming to Charlotte. Finally, this year it is- so here’s for a 2nd new musical this year.

While starting on February 29th, I will begin reading The Odyssey. If you read The Iliad, you have to read the other.

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