Characters I Find Impossible to Dislike

Yes, there are characters that some people do not like and some that others love. However, haven’t you come across some characters that you find impossible to dislike- that no matter what ALL people will love. I will make mention of those characters.

  1. Enjolras and the Friends of the ABC
  2. Jack Kelly and the Newsies
    • Both of these groups- how can you dislike a band of brothers filled with so much courage and who stand up for what they believe in. That is why BOTH groups are impossible to dislike.
  3. The Genie

Wish I could think of more. It is just ALL I can think of for now.

2 thoughts on “Characters I Find Impossible to Dislike

  1. I haven’t really thought about this too much before, but it’s definitely true! I haven’t really met anyone who disliked characters like Enjolras and the Friends of the ABC, etc. I feel like this probably mostly happens with side characters, but I’d have to think about this some more!


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