Prepare Ye……

Just a couple days ago, I came up with a new blog series idea. I decided to make mention of musicals I love and the reasons. Considering that Lent started on Wednesday, I decided to begin with one of the biblical musicals I love, which is the only biblical musical I love: GODSPELL.

My love for it started in 2012 a couple of months after graduating from Fletcher. I attended Fletcher for middle and high school. After Fletcher, for two years, I attended Central Piedmont Community College. The very first musical my community college was doing when I was a student was Godspell. That was September 2012. I do not know if it was mom or dad, but they knew I would love Godspell. What do I love about it?

Well, there are the fun costumes. There are incredible and upbeat songs. It is a Stephen Schwartz musical- I think that was why Godspell was recommended- Wicked’s music was written by the same person.

Godspell is about Jesus’ last couple of days before his death. It literally felt like fiction and modernized in some way- due to the fun costumes (I saw a hippie, pink dress with the white star, etc). Little did I know, I would see some of the same actors again in future productions. Even those who are not Christian can love the show- any Stephen Schwartz fan should check it out. Godspell was one of those musicals you probably were not expecting.

Favorite Song: We Beseech Thee

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