Ya Got Trouble

The next musical I love is actually hitting a milestone this year. It is Music Man and this year marks five years since falling in love with it. That’s right: I fell in love with it in Spring of 2015 by Gardner Webb University’s production. It is truly a classic musical. Why do I love Music Man?

For one thing, I love how light-hearted and happy it is. You need those sort of musicals to help balance things out. I think due to the light-heartedness, it needed the romance between Marian and Harold Hill. Their romance gives Music Man some emotion.

Another reason belongs to the characters. While Harold Hill, our main character, is a conman there is something about him that makes him lovable. I even love Winthrop. At first, Marian can seem a bit annoying, but as the musical goes on, she does really develop and I think that is due to her relationship with Harold Hill.

The songs: this is the most important part. I love the songs- from “Ya Got Trouble” to “Till There Was You” to Gary Indiana”- you easily can fall in love with them.

Favorite song: 76 Trombones

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