The Impossible Dream

Another favorite musical is yet another you may not be expecting. I had to study Don Quixote as a Spanish project at Gardner Webb. That is when I found out about the musical, Man of La Mancha. That’s right: Man of La Mancha is one of my favorite musicals.

One of my favorite things about the songs is how they have this hispanic-sound, which transport you to the setting of Don Quixote. Something might be confusing at first, which does fascinate me: it is no comedy or tragedy: it is a tragicomedy: the character is tragicomic and even today still do not understand the term.

In terms of characters, there are three I love. The tragicomic knight errant Don Quixote, his squire Sancho Panza, and Aldonza (to Don Quixote, she is Dulcinea).

About the plot- it has this story within a story concept, which I find fascinating. Don Quixote’s story is being played out within another story. Miguel De Cervantes is acting as Don Quixote, etc- understand what I mean. It is kind of confusing at first. So technically, we have two beginnings and two endings due to the story within a story nature. For those who have seen Man of La Mancha probably know what I am talking about or those who have seen other story within a story shows before.

I think this has been the hardest one yet to describe WHY I love it. I still have done the best I can.

Favorite Song: The Impossible Dream

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