This is yet my 4th musical I have done. It seems as if we are still on the theme of classic musicals. Fiddler on the Roof is one of the musicals I love. Like Man of La Mancha, it is a bit difficult to describe why.

Of course, there are songs I love. The opening song, Tradition, which is also Fiddler on the Roof’s title song drives you right into the characters’ world and makes you already loving the songs. From “Sunrise, Sunset”, “Miracles of Miracles”, etc- the songs are a delight to listen to even the more emotional ones.

Characters- we have a protagonist to love (Tevye) along with his three daughters (I never can spell them right).

Plot- the plot is fun, happy, and a bit sad considering what is happening to the their town at the moment. There is romance: there is actually four of them: Tevye and Golde and the ones created by his three daughters and the ones they fall in love with (those I can’t keep straight).

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