Kansas City

Time for my first Rodgers and Hammerstein musical that I love. How can anyone NOT love those two- they were the famous duo during the Golden Age of Musical. True, there is a not a musical called Kansas City, but there is a musical song called “Kansas City”. That’s right- another musical I love belongs to Oklahoma. It takes place in Oklahoma Territory- that means Oklahoma was not yet a state in the US, but was about to. So, why do I love Oklahoma.

The Songs

Okay, who can not find themselves loving these romantic and exciting songs. The musical is a combo of the two. From “Oh What a Beautiful Morning”, “Kansas City”, the title song: “Oklahoma”.

Possible Spoilers:

The Story

There are people who think Oklahoma is just about this dance. But, that is not exactly the story of Oklahoma. It is Curly and Laurey’s story- their love. Conflict comes when we discover Jud might have something for Laurey—–however he is abusive. This love triangle is a bit weak- however, we know how we want things to end up. Then, there is a 2nd romance- Will and Ado Annie- and guess what someone else loves Ado Annie.

So, two love triangles in one musical, and they both are weak- but we do know how we want things to end up. It is pretty much two men fighting over their girl, but yet it is not fully weak knowing how you want things to end. This musical is NOT just about the romances or the dance/auction, but also about Oklahoma becoming a state.

The Characters

Curly is our main character. We meet him first. You might wonder at first why he even is a wonderful character. Well, throughout ALL of Oklahoma, he is trying to make sure Jud does NOT end up with Laurey. His love for Laurey is that strong. The other characters I love are Laurey, Will Parker and Ado Annie. So basically the major characters.

Jud is the character I have a strong dislike towards. His our chief antagonist. The fact he is abusive does say something.

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