Seasons of Love

I did say I love more than one musical set in NYC- this is another. This musical may be considered controversial, but it is still one of my favorites. I actually recently saw the Opera that Rent was based off of: La Bohème, which I do love. Rent deals with some topics that might be a bit surprising to some people. Why do I love Rent?


I love its collection of songs. Just like Les Mis, I do become an emotional wreck. It is actually the next level down from Les Mis. The songs are both exciting and emotional. The emotional songs are either sad or a love songs. In my opinion, it has one of the best endings. You have to understand the plot to figure out why a song is hitting you the way it does.


I do not know what it is about these characters, but there is something unique about them. You barely see these characters in musical theatre. They are starving artists who are living in poverty. Some are part of the LGBT community. These characters are extremely unique. Considering the time period- some do have HIV. It is set during that epidemic: the HIV/AIDS epidemic: the 80s/90s.


Set during the HIV/AIDS epidemic, it follows a year of friends living in love despite the fear. In total you have not one, but three couples: Mimi/Roger (the main one), Angel/Collins, and Maureen/Joanne. Struggles happen and fights do happen, but they teach us to live our lives in love not fear and in the moment. Four of those friends have HIV.

Favorite Song: Seasons of Love

2 thoughts on “Seasons of Love

    • It has been part of my life for 8 years ago. I had stumbled upon it from just listening to my Broadway Musicals Pandora Station, and fell in love with the songs- so Rent was a musical that I fell in love with by songs alone. So it is one of the first musicals I fell in love with in my first year of college

      The songs convinced me to want to see the stage show- things kinda came full circle this year. In 2017, saw the stage show of Rent and this year saw La Bohème, the opera Rent is based off of


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