Dancing Queen

I have not yet talked about this kind of musical: the jukebox musicals. If you know ABBA, you will know some of Mamma Mia’s songs. That is what a jukebox does: it forms a plot around the songs of a musician or band. What do I love about Mamma Mia?


It has one of the most fun song list. Literally, basically all of the songs are happy . You want those kind of song lists to exist. You need that balance or else there wouldn’t be a good balance. You need the right balance in order for there to be the sad songs especially once you reach the tragic musicals.


Yes, with the jukebox musical style, the plot is a bit weak, but it still is incredible to see unfold. It is so light-hearted. The storyline might be basic or might seem silly. The way they picked the songs does work with this plot.


I do love the characters of Mamma Mia. I am the most connected to Sophie, our protagonist- it is the easiest to follow her journey outside of the other characters. I still feel like I am getting to know ALL of the major character despite it being 12 years since falling in love with Mamma Mia.


This has been an interesting blog series. This one has been one of the hardest-it has felt like forever since I watched the film of Mamma Mia, but I still love the musical.

Favorite Song: Dancing Queen

2 thoughts on “Dancing Queen

  1. Mamma Mia is my favourite musical. It’s so fun and the music is so good and it just has a special place in my heart even if other musicals are logistically better. Even the movie, which a lot of people dislike, I still enjoy a lot and watch every time it’s on TV.


    • The movie is how I even fell in love with Mamma Mia and just a year later saw the stage show. 2008 was when I saw the movie and 2009 was when I saw the stage show.


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