This is my 3rd Rodgers and Hammerstein musical I am talking about. Sound of Music holds a lot of meaning: in terms of the nostalgia. Sound of Music is my favorite Rodgers and Hammerstein musical. I think it is the hardest one to dislike when it comes to the duo. Why do I love the musical?


Sound of Music has an exciting collection of songs- of course you have the love songs and one on a more emotional note, but for the most part, Sound of Music’s songs stay on the exciting nature. Sound of Music is filled with a lot of earworms- from “My Favorite Things” to “Do Re Mi”. You just can’t help but sing along.


Maria- She is an extremely likable protagonist. Her love for music is one of the reasons why she is an wonderful characters. I do love how she is finally is able to connect to all of the children: at the beginning all of them don’t respond well to Maria, but she has the ability to get them to warm up to her.

Von Trapp Children- I love the children. They start out not even liking a governess at all (they ALWAYS have found a way to get one to leave). However, by being taught to sing, they finally are able to connect and eventually want Maria to stay and eventually become their mom.

Captain- I can easily find him not to be a likable character. After all, he runs his house very strictly. He does not even seem to love his children at all. He is this stern and unhappy man caused by the death of his wife. He does love his children, but it is hard for him to truly show it. Maria helped him- when he finally heard his children singing, that brought happiness back into his house.


I love this story. It is basically about Maria , a nun-in-training, who has to spend time as governess in a family of seven children. She is not very good at being a nun- by being late, spending a lot of time outside the abbey singing, etc…. so being governess will test her if she really wants to be a nun or does she really not?


Sound of Music holds a lot of meaning in my life. I have loved it since I was a child- there is something amazing about those musicals. When I saw the musical in person 2015, I felt like a child even in those songs that never made it to the movie. A new different level of meaning was added. Sound of Music remains to this day my favorite Rodgers and Hammerstein musical.

Favorite Song: Edelweiss

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