Wouldn't it Be Loverly

There is more than one musical I love that takes place in England. The first obvious of course is Oliver, but there still are others I love. This post is talking about My Fair Lady. What do I love about that musical?


It has a classic collection of songs. I love the songs in My Fair Lady. It is quite difficult to describe why I love them.


Here’s what I can say. I do like how some of them develop throughout the course of the story. I still barely know them to explain the characters.

Eliza Doolittle- My Fair Lady


The plot is about Eliza Doolittle becoming a lady through the help of Henry Higgins. That is the plot in simple terms- Eliza and Henry seem to develop the most throughout My Fair Lady. Freddy does fall in love with Eliza, but she does not love him- a love triangle does form: Freddy/Eliza/Henry.


The crazy thing about doing My Fair Lady is that I feel like I barely know it to say enough to explain why I love it. So, this post may not be fairly accurate or some plot/character points might not be accurate. However, it is still one I love.

1 thought on “Wouldn't it Be Loverly

  1. I recently watched this musical for the first time while paying close attention to it. I feel like maybe I would have liked it a bit more if I’d been introduced to it when I was younger but I still enjoyed it. Maybe it’s just one of those that’ll take a few viewings for me!


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