Different Point of View- Tale of the Cattail Forest

This will be related to “Tale of the Cattail Forest”. As some know, that is the title of my first WIP. I decided this post will come from the perspective of someone who isn’t in the book, but connected to backstory. I decided it will be from the perspective of Sarge’s uncle, who is Marge’s father- so Marge and Sarge are cousins. Marge and Sarge have a very complex relationship. Now, here is the perspective of Sarge’s uncle.

Have you known love? I have, but for me it has been kind of difficult at one point on my life. Before we get on to that, let me talk about my life growing up. I was born in Graysloup, and ended up being the youngest. My mother and father loved my brother and I equally. My brother and I were close- we would usually play games with each other. I loved my brother. I knew how much my parents loved us. I had thought that when both of us had kids, we would both be loving parents, and that things would be amazing.

When my nephew was born, it was one of my best days of my life. However, as the years slowly went by, I saw a change in my brother- a change I DID not want to see. That was before my daughter was born- I think something told me that my brother was going to be unkind to Sarge. My nephew was too young to understand at the time. When Marge was born, Sarge was only five, but was already getting abused. I wanted to help my nephew, but I couldn’t-my daughter meant everything to me. Sarge’s father was abusing him with words alone- what was wrong with my brother? That I wasn’t understanding.

I strongly wanted to help my nephew, but I couldn’t. If I did, I could risk my daughter getting hurt. I knew that I was never going to allow her to see her uncle. She needed to be kept safe from that abuse.

I still can remember those nights when I heard my nephew cry himself to sleep. It was that bad. I knew the abuse was both emotional and physical. I knew he would have physical and emotional scars. I was seeing them coming from Sarge himself based on the way he acted. How can you explain those tears at night? Not only was he crying himself to bed, but I heard those happen during the day. The nightmares- yes, I knew he was having them. I hated seeing my nephew treated like that. I still loved my nephew, but he would never know. It is so hard to love a daughter and to love a nephew who is being abused. There are days when I saw my nephew away from his father, but acting more aggressive- the abuse was starting to take a toll on him, and I was afraid he could become just like his father: abusive, cruel, and mean. He was next in line to be leader- so I was worried about the future of Graysloup.

I truly saw the scars show up when his father left him expecting him to know how to lead. Well, before I could see scars and bruises on my nephew. I could see some emotional scars. However, things would get worse, way worse. It would take a toll on all of Graysloup and the Fairy Frogs.

He started mistreating my daughter-his cousin. That was what the abuse led to- he became quite angry and lonely. He did not know how to control any of the anger that was boiling inside. That anger led to my nephew mistreating all of Graysloup, but my daughter was his easiest target- he was jealous of ME- just because I was loving. Just because my daughter was related to Sarge, she began to be misunderstood—I honestly did not get that—-after all, hello she doesn’t just have an abusive uncle, but a loving father too. However, I noticed that being Sarge’s easiest target did make my daughter fully realize what was truly going on. We desperately needed help, and the only ones in the forest who had the power were the Fairy Frogs.

How could Sarge forget about our loving relationship and the loving parents he had and what about the friendship he once had with Norg? He had known love and friendship. Graysloup became quite a miserable place because of my nephew. I did not understood after Sarge’s father left that I did not become the leader- Sarge was only 13 when his father left: so even though my nephew was next in line, I was older- so wouldn’t it make more sense for me to become leader.

He was not done yet. He would mistreat the Fairy Frogs. That is what caused problems in the first place. Because of Sarge’s actions, the Fairy Frogs were no longer allowed to interact with us. I had known the Fairy Frogs were deeply compassionate, and I could not believe we couldn’t interact with them. I knew it was for safety, but I knew that there could be a chance that maybe the Fairy Frogs might be able to help what is going on due to their compassion. They were after all the most special creatures of the forest.

3 thoughts on “Different Point of View- Tale of the Cattail Forest

  1. It looks like I must’ve missed this post when it came out a few years ago!! This was a really unique angle from which to view your story and it was so awesome to get to explore that here!


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