Dealing with the Corona Epidemic

Yes, the Corona Virus is affecting everyone. Yes, it is putting things at halt. It is putting highlights and events either postponed or cancelled. For all of us, it is having us under a lot of stress. We have to find a way to deal with how it is affecting us. That means if it is cancelling church: how do we worship, if it is cancelling anything- how do we still stay true to ourselves. In some ways, it feel like this gigantic stress ball before this enormous final in some way. Well, I have found some ways. Let me bring up some of the things that mean something to me, and how I dealt with them: some of which I only am beginning to realize how to.


Well, I love going to church whenever I can. Well, church got cancelled. Many people on this blog do know I am a massive musical theatre fan- did you know I love contemporary christian music just as much? The way I am finding my worship through those songs- songs like “Sanctuary”, “Great Are you Lord”, “Fierce”, “Servant Song”, “Power to Redeem”, “Lord, I Lift Your Name on High”- just a few example. Those are songs I have either discovered through Kanuga (Parish Weekends and Winterlight) or The Gathering- listening to them on Sunday has become my church.


There are some theatre plans that have been postponed. Anastasia was going to come to April. In March, I was going to go to the informance to get discount tickets, but it got postponed. Then, North Carolina got put on lockdown- that is now telling me no Anastasia. That was one of my top musicals I wanted to see this year. I have no idea how the virus is going to affect Blumenthal for the rest of the year- there are still two more musicals I want (Frozen: which I already have tickets for) and Wicked). How in the world do I keep that love alive.

Obviously, I have the blog, but how do I keep it alive outside of the blog. Well, there was one time, The Met Opera streamed some of their operas from the past- I watched La Bohème during that time period: that was the one opera I love.

Look: In terms of musicals, I have my Broadway soundtracks, and I have my love for them in my heart. Don’t forget, musicals don’t just exist in live theatre. They are found in movies: I own Les Mis (both the movie and 25th concert), Beauty and the Beast (2017), Aladdin (2019), My Fair Lady, Singing in the Rain, Frozen—–I even own some of the sequels like Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again. Those aren’t the only musicals that my family has-just naming some.

Loaves and Fishes

The distribution of food has changed. Each week this month, it feels like it keeps on changing. So, that confuses me. I just have to remember what we are there for—–that we are making a difference. Two of my gifts I was given are a strong spirit and Outreach- that is why I do so well at Loaves and Fishes. Going there also keeps my worship alive.

10 thoughts on “Dealing with the Corona Epidemic

  1. You know, your church should do a live-stream Sunday Service. Would be another good way to have church. But hey, the Lord says, “Come as you are.” So ether way is fine.


  2. Thanks for sharing your desire for ongoing spiritual fulfillment during a different time. We can certainly include faith in our toolkit for staying sane, hopeful and connected to our communities.


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