My Senior Year in High School

It is a bit bittersweet sometimes thinking about my Senior Year at Fletcher. I know I graduated 8 years ago. However, there are some seniors who are missing out on some things this year. What was my Senior Year like?

Whenever I think of Senior Year, it isn’t a Fletcher memory I automatically think of. It is a Kanuga memory- it belongs to Winterlight. Winterlight happens from December 27th-January 1st and its a high school school youth conference. There is a lot of singing contemporary christian songs- I loved the energy that I was seeing. We did a service project. There was the New Year’s Eve banquet and the New Year’s Eve dance. Kanuga will always be a huge part of my life.

Well, I have 7 Fletcher yearbooks- that’s right. I went to that school for middle and high school. The most meaningful and my favorite was my 12th grade one. I was part of the yearbook team for 12th grade- just seeing that yearbook makes it hard to realize how different so many seniors are experiencing the rest of their year and how this year’s seniors will not have a finished yearbook. When I think of Senior Year memories associated with Fletcher, I don’t just think of 12th grade—–I actually think of my entire high school experience. As a high school student, I was more innocent and more close-minded. I have changed a lot since the days at Fletcher.

It is a lot easier to describe Senior Year at Gardner Webb. I am not saying Fletcher did not mean something to me. The two schools did mean something to me. Fletcher, in so many ways, did help prepare me for what I was about to expect at Gardner Webb.

2 thoughts on “My Senior Year in High School

  1. It’s definitely nice to look back on these sorts of memories! It’s crazy how, in those moments, we don’t typically fully realize what these things will mean later down the road but, looking back, helped to shape who we are!


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