The Biblical Musicals I Love

There are three musicals based off of events in the Bible: Jesus Christ Superstar, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, and Godspell. How many of those do I love?

At the moment, I only love two. Those two are Godspell and Joseph. I first saw Godspell at Central Piedmont Community College and I first saw Joseph a couple days ago. However, I first got exposed to Joseph a long time ago- the children’s choir, which I was a part of, sang some of the songs from Joseph.

Both of them have songs I love. My favorite song from Godspell is “We Beseech Thee” and my favorite song from Joseph is “Any Dream Will Do”. For some reason, I think I did sing “Any Dream Will Do” in those days a long time ago. Loving songs is my FIRST thing I look at to decide if I even love that musical. It is of no surprise that I love Godspell: Stephen Schwartz wrote that musical, the same person who wrote Wicked.

So, at the moment I only love two biblical musicals.

2 thoughts on “The Biblical Musicals I Love

  1. Joseph is the only one I really know and I’m not really all that familiar with it. I’ve liked a good number of the songs but it’s not one that I’ve really developed much of a connection with, unfortunately. Maybe I would have felt a little stronger about it if I’d grown up with it, I guess!


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