Still Managing the Crisis with my Love for Musicals

We all have disappointments in our lives. We all have failures. We all have the things that mean something to us. However, how do we deal with those things in the midst of a crisis? How do we get by? Today, I will talk about how do I deal with my love for musicals in the midst of the current situation now.

Obviously there are the Broadway songs. We are able to listen to the songs. We even can sing along to those songs as well. Listening to them actually makes me go into the world of the characters. They take me away from what is going on in present day. I own an amazing amount of Broadway songs already. In my playlist, sometimes I just shuffle the songs or choose to listen to the entire soundtrack of a musical itself. I actually love singing along to the songs despite not being a good singer.

What about the musical movies? We are able to see the musical unfold in front of our eyes. Yes, some moments are different. Yes, the order of events might be different as well. That might be the closest we get to actually seeing the musical unfold itself. I own some musical movies: Les Mis (2012/ 25th concert, Beauty and the Beast 2017, Aladdin 2019, My Fair Lady, Frozen, Annie 1982, Singing in the Rain). On Friday, I did see Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat through Andrew Lloyd Webber’s streaming of that movie.

The last way I deal with my love for musicals is by keeping the characters and their stories alive in my heart. That is what I always do. As long as you love those musicals, your love for musicals will always remain. I still have to stay strong if a musical I hope to see live ends up getting cancelled or postponed (Anastasia got postponed this month), but the streaming of Joseph and the streaming of the Met Opera’s La Bohème made up for that.

So, there are ways to still deal with things that mean something to us. I was giving three examples of how I deal with my love for musicals.

4 thoughts on “Still Managing the Crisis with my Love for Musicals

  1. It’s really too bad that a lot of things are being cancelled and/or postponed recently, but it is really nice that, in exchange, entertainers are trying to keep entertainment alive through streaming options, etc.! And musicals are definitely nice because there are a few options for how one might be able to continue to enjoy them given the current situation!

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