Favorite Types of Music

We know that words alone are powerful. However, what happens when music is added to those words? It becomes even more powerful making the emotion stronger, which can do things such as making you tear up or calming you down or the feeling of goosebumps. Everyone loves different kinds of music, and it is different for everyone. What are mine? I will tell you this, one is obvious and the other not as much.

Contemporary Christian

I have not talked much about my love for contemporary christian music. The love all began at Kanuga, an Episcopalian Conference Center. From 2003-2008 were the building blocks to that love: from “Lord, I Lift Your Name on High”, “Servant Song”, and “Sanctuary”, the love began to develop by Parish Weekends. When high school finally came, at Winterlight 35/36 (2010/2011), I truly fell in love with the genre. That is when songs like “Prince of Peace” came into my life. At other events-I fell in love with songs like “You are My All in All”, etc……In high school, they helped calm me down when things were stressful with school work.

Then at the Gathering at Gardner Webb, I was discovering new songs like “Fierce”, “Power to Redeem”, “Good Good Father”etc…….So, yes I love Contemporary Christian music.

Musical Theatre

You were expecting me to say this. My love for contemporary christian music is just as strong. I first got exposed to musicals in elementary school, went to Broadway in 2006 and saw Wicked (the musical that would spark my love for musicals) and in 2013, Les Mis (the musical responsible for the passion) entered my life. If it wasn’t for Wicked and Les Mis, there would be no passion. What I know about musicals changed a lot over the years. Les Mis did challenge everything I once knew, and I am glad it did. Each time a new musical enters, I do learn something new. Musicals are capable of a LOT, and even that can be hard to put into words.

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