Phantom of the Opera 25th Special

As a matter of fact, I saw the 25th special of Phantom of the Opera before, but had completely forgotten. So in many ways, it is like seeing it for the first time. Phantom of the Opera is one of my favorite musicals- as in being in my top ten. It is this hauntingly beautiful musical- that is all I can say. Now on to my review of the 25th anniversary special.

For one thing, it is Phantom of the Opera. Like Les Mis, it is one of the sensations in musical theatre. I have loved Phantom of the Opera for JUST as long as I have loved Les Mis. Phantom of the Opera is NOT only in my top ten, but in my top five.

The picture below is from when I saw Phantom of the Opera. That was at the Peace Center in Greenville. Literally, I was near the Chandelier when it fell, and that was one of the highlights of that afternoon.

For one thing, Ramin Karimloo is the Phantom. Not ONLY does he shine as Enjolras, he also makes such a talented Phantom. You can feel his pain and his destructive nature. You feel all of that in Ramin. The interesting thing about the Phantom is just how mysterious and suspenseful he is. He is such an intriguing antagonist. He is one those antagonists YOU can always feel sorry for, but at the same time despise him.

In front of a Phantom of the Opera poster

Sierra Boggess as Christine was another highlight of the night. I still DON’T what it is about Christine that makes me drawn to her so much. I still have a hard time even describing Christine actresses’. However, I can tell in Sierra’s Christine that she is afraid of the Phantom. She still is one of the highlights.

I really wish I knew what to say about Hadley Fraser’s Raoul, but I don’t know what to say. What I do know is that I STILL want Christine and Raoul together.

Any version of Phantom of the Opera is beautiful. That is in the costumes, set, and songs. I saw that last night. Even though the chandelier didn’t fall, I still loved how they were able to make this effect that something did happen to it.

At the end, like any special there were added moments like Andrew Lloyd Webber coming on. There was a moment where Sarah Brightman (the original Christine) sang one of the songs and there was “The Phantom of the Opera” quartet.

6 thoughts on “Phantom of the Opera 25th Special

    • I am from Charlotte.

      With the Peace Center, I saw it with Gardner Webb, which is about one hr (or about one hr and 1/2 hrs away from Greenville). That is why I got to see Les Mis. When I saw Les Mis that time around- it was my 5th time


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