Non Stage Musicals I Either Like or Love

I still can’t believe I NEVER talked about these musicals. Most of the musicals I tend to talk about are the STAGE musicals. However-what about the ones that are not on stage. Those are still musicals-I decided to focus on those today, but it will NOT focus on the sequels.

Greatest Showman

For some reason, this one comes to mind first. Hugh Jackman shines as P.T Barnum (I believe he is MUCH better as P.T. Barnum than Jean Valjean). Hugh Jackman truly shows off a lot of his talents in this musical. Just like seeing Hugh Jackman in a second musical theatre role-it also was my 2nd with Zac Efron, and it really was a largely different parts did fall in love (BUT they still were different). I love the plot, the song- basically EVERYTHING.

All the High School Musical Movies

Why do I put all three together? They are a series after all. You truly follow the major characters and really them develop over a course of three movies. However, the first will always be the BEST. These movies are an important part of my musical theatre journey.


While you MIGHT think as an 90s girl one of the classic Disney movies was my favorite Disney movie, but NONE of them were. It actually was this movie-the combo of animated/live action; the combo of fairy tales; the incredible songs; etc. It was that incredible- it also played an important part of my musical theatre journey.

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