The Sequels of Musicals:

One of the hardest things I tend to have a hard time with are musical sequels. They easily can be terrible or mess up the original. However, in most recent years, I have some sequels that actually have worked. I decided to talk about some of my favorite sequels today.

Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again

Part of why this worked is Lily James as Donna. The ONLY role I saw her in was Cinderella-so I did not know if she could work in a musical movie or not, but I loved her as Cinderella so I knew she was an amazing actress. It in so many ways was BOTH a prequel and a sequel (it went in the past before Sophie was born and a continuation of Sophie’s story). All of the songs were still ABBA-all Mamma Mia stories had to do that. Just like I was talking about Lily James, I still was loving Amanda Seyfried as Sophie.

Mary Poppins Returns

This ALL felt like a Mary Poppins story. It still had the magic and still had that animation sequence. It still was a different story, but still felt like a Mary Poppins story. Took place at the same house, loved the new Banks kids, this time instead of jumping into a chalk picture it was a bowl. For the songs- there was a song that felt like “Step in Time”, etc. Loved who took the place of Bert and so on.

Frozen II

When I found out about this movie becoming a sequel, I became nervous the most. Of course, I knew they had the right actors/actresses. But did not know if they could even make an amazing sequel at all. But the sequel proved me wrong in so many ways. The new setting, the songs, the spirits, etc…..made me fall in love with the sequel.

4 thoughts on “The Sequels of Musicals:

  1. Out of all these sequels, I have to say soundtrack-wise I like Frozen 2 the most! Though I think Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again and Mary Poppins Returns had great storylines, I think I got too spoiled to properly appreciate the new songs on both movies 😦 I loved the acting for all of them though!


    • Frozen 2 made me nervous when I first heard they were doing it. I actually did not want to see it. When I did, I was surprised that it worked as a sequel.

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      • Yes, it was the same for me!! I think the stakes were too high, so I was scared that it wouldn’t meet my expectations – but it definitely did!


  2. Loved Frozen II a lot more than I thought I would! In a lot of ways, I might even like it more than the first movie. It was just so well done! I also really liked Mary Poppins Returns. Haven’t seen Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again but I might have to see if I can pick it up sometime!


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