Unpopular Opinions about Musicals-the Couples

Yes, I talked about the unpopular opinions before. However, due to seeing Phantom of the Opera recently, I thought it was time to bring them up again. There are two couples that are unpopular opinions; one of which is part of Phantom of the Opera.

I still love Christine and Raoul as a couple. They obviously were either childhood sweethearts or best friends before Raoul met Christine again during the events of Phantom of the Opera. Raoul treats Christine better than the Phantom. Their main song, “All I Ask of You”, is one of the most beautiful and romantic songs I heard in musical theatre.

Raoul and Christine

I STILL don’t understand the whole wanting Christine with Phantom-AFTER all, the Phantom is destructive, controlling, and revengeful. She was scared and afraid of him. She was in love with Raoul. Christine never loved the Phantom. It is an unrequited love Phantom had for Christine. That I will never understand-this popular opinion.

4 thoughts on “Unpopular Opinions about Musicals-the Couples

  1. YES. I find the idea of the Phantom and Christine as a couple to be repulsive. Their relationship was never healthy in any way. He was a troubled man looking for love and I can sympathize with his tragic life, but he was awful to Christine and there is no reason why she should stay with him. He chose to treat people in a horrible way, so while I feel bad for him, none of what he did was justified. I think that Raoul and Christine are a lovely couple, and Raoul helped Christine get out of a dark place.

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