My Love for Marius and Cosette

Another unpopular opinion I love is the relationship between Marius and Cosette. I love the love triangle in Les Mis for a number of reasons. Recently starting in 2017, I was able to dig deeper into Marius and Cosette’s love for each other. This was all because of a standout Marius. My first four Marius’ were Eddie Redmayne, Erik D’Esterre, Nick Jonas, and Rob Houchen.

However, something happened in 2017 that took me by surprise. That was when the latest US Tour was launched. I had already gotten to know a LOT about Marius: he was brave, sweet, and kind. What if a Marius would take take you off guard? Joshua Grosso was my Marius in 2017- in that love triangle, he was my strongest actor. He still had the compassion, bravery, and kindness other Marius’ had. But this Marius brought something new- awkwardness, a characteristic that would make the character more charming and make the character almost a core favorite. He even was paired with the just the right Cosette (Jillian Butler). Those two made me explore Marius and Cosette at a deeper level. Little did I know I would see them again: that’s right Joshua and Jillian were my Marius and Cosette in 2019. Now I love Marius and Cosette more as a couple and as characters just because of these two actors. Actually: Joshua is my favorite Marius and Jillian is my favorite Cosette.

What Marius and Cosette do in Les Mis is important. Several people know Les Mis is tragic. The character, Cosette, represents hope and light. If Cosette did not fall in love with Marius, that light would not be there. That is exactly that Marius and Cosette do-they bring hope to such a heartbreaking story. Even those two characters have their tragedies despite being some of the only survivors.

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