Musicals I Want to See and Still Have Not

As musical fans, we run across musicals that we hope to see. Sometimes they end up being the SAME musical, but in a different way. What exactly are mine?

  1. Hadestown
  2. Frozen (I have tickets for October, so hopefully it happens)
  3. Anastasia (it was going to be this year, but got postponed)
  4. Something Rotten
  5. Once
  6. Les Mis- I hope to catch this in a small theater and in Spanish someday

Those are what I can think of for now. What are musicals you hope to see someday?

5 thoughts on “Musicals I Want to See and Still Have Not

  1. I hope that you’ll get to see them all sometime soon! I loved seeing Something Rotten and I think I’d definitely want to try and see it again if it came around on tour! I definitely really want to see Hadestown! Of course, Les Mis is always a show that I’m ready to rewatch so if it came around again, I definitely would try to get tickets!

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      • That year, I HAD no idea what to root for.

        Part of what interests me about Hadestown is that is based off of a myth, and I love mythology: have for as long as I remember. I did get addicted to “Wait For Me”- I am purposely putting the other songs on hold.

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      • Yeah, I knew I had to check out Hadestown’s cast recording when I heard it was based off of Orpheus and Eurydice! “Wait for Me” is such a good song; it’s one of my favorites from Hadestown! I definitely think you’ll like the rest of the songs when you decide to listen to them!


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