Sunshine Blogger Award


Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their blog.(

Answer the questions given to you.

Nominate 11 other bloggers and write them 11 new questions

List the rules and display the sunshine blogger award.

Nominate 11 other bloggers and write them 11 new questions.

List the rules and display the sunshine blogger award logo in your blog post.

Now lets begin with the questions:

Which is more important for you in a song – its lyrics or melody?  For me, it is a combo of both.

What post on your blog are you the proudest of? I actually can’t think of my proudest blog post. There are a number of them I could use.

Who is the most inspirational or influential person in your life? This is a tough question. My parents are one, even musical theatre characters count, and God is another. They all have been inspirational to me.

What is your favourite way of expressing yourself (e.g. writing, art, performing, etc.)? Writing is one of my favorite ways to express myself.

What has COVID-19 taught you? This can be about yourself or the world. I actually don’t know yet.

What is one thing that has helped you cope/self-care amidst the pandemic? There is more than one way I help cope with this. I have still done the things that matter most to me: just in a different way. For example, listening to Broadway soundtracks, seeing musical movies, etc… have helped keep my love for musicals alive. I have listened to contemporary christian music on Sundays as a way of worship and even though Loaves and Fishes (a food pantry I volunteer at) has changed their system, I know I am still helping those clients- at least I can still volunteer there.

Do you have a funny habit? Don’t know if I have a funny habit or not.

If you can instantly become an expert at something, what would it be?  Hmmm- there actually is more than one thing that can fit this. What does come to first is becoming an expert at writing books- I have been working on writing 3 WIPS and would be easier if I become really good at it.

What is the best gift you’ve ever received? Wow- this really is tough. There are more than gift that can work- getting my Wicked snowglobe or even tickets to a show in my stocking. So, more than one thing has been some of the best gifts I have received.

What are your values? I am optimistic. I do believe that trusting in God is helpful- that is how I got through college. My strong spirit is something I also value- that is one of the gifts I have.

What is one thing that you love about yourself? I really love the massive love I have for musical theatre. That is a huge part of who I am and the characters I have fallen in love with are inspiring to me.

My new questions:

  1. What is one of your favorite things about writing?
  2. What do you love the most about musical theatre?
  3. What genres do love writing books in the most?
  4. What do you think “the power of live theater” is?
  5. What are some of the most meaningful musicals in your life?
  6. What do you love about reading books?
  7. What parts of writing books is the most exciting?
  8. What do you look for in a musical theatre character?
  9. What are some of your hobbies?
  10. What do you think some of the hardest things about writing books?
  11. What season is your favorite and why?


I leave this open to anyone. I love getting awards and tags because they help when I have no idea what to post.

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