Postponed Things of This Year

The Corona Pandemic is very annoying and led to things we never wanted to happen. What we usually do has been changed ,and some things we already wanted to happen has become either postponed or cancelled. So, this year has been tough on everyone. We have had to find a way to deal with everything that got in the way this year.

This week, another thing I never wanted to hear happened. First, the Anastasia Informance and show did not happen. Now this week, I heard about Frozen, the musical I wanted to see the most this year, is not happening. I was thinking, “why they make the decision now: the show is coming in October, not June or July”. It can be disappointing when things like this happened. At least, both shows will eventually come back, but not this season. That is better than them never coming back.

At least, I already made it to Blumenthal twice this year. Back in January, I was able to see Come From Away and La Bohème. I actually only thought Come From Away would happen- the tickets were in my stocking and so were tickets to Frozen. My parents were only planning to take me to Come From Away in January. But, someone from my church actually managed to get La Bohème tickets for my mom and I. I have always wanted to see La Bohème, and I finally got the chance- it is my favorite opera and never would have wanted to see it if it wasn’t for my love for Rent.

So, at least I reached my goal of wanting to see at least one musical a year. That is usually the minimal, but most years reach two musicals or more. So having an Opera in the mix, which is kind of similar to a musical, in some ways feels like reaching two musicals even though it is was an Opera. All I can hope for now is Wicked, which is coming in December- at least I will not be as disappointed if it never happens because I already saw it four times, and I do know Blumenthal brings Wicked every couple of years.

2 thoughts on “Postponed Things of This Year

  1. It’s really a bummer that the shows that you were looking forward to are being postponed! It definitely would be nice if you could see Wicked later in the year!!


    • That is one of the most disappointing and frustrating things about this crisis. Musicals I wanted to see never have gotten postponed- only time was this year

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