Blumenthal Update- Added Musical

As many followers know by now, I have to rely on Blumenthal Performing Arts to see musicals. They host touring productions (either at Belk Theater or Ovens Auditorium), and back in March I discovered their 20/21 season. What was coming did not satisfy me much- there wasn’t exactly a musical I wanted to see- except for Wicked, which is also part of their 19/20 season. Now, Blumenthal just announced another musical. This time, it was a musical that I have wanted to see since 2019.

Well, Hadestown was added to the upcoming season. Ever since it swept the Tonys, I was fascinated by this musical. I love mythology, and that was part of why I became interested in the show. I did get addicted to one of its’ songs, which was “Wait For Me”- I purposely did not listen to the others in order to discover them the day I finally see it. That musical is coming in October next year.

Blumenthal’s upcoming season is one of the largest I saw, and I think had something to do with this pandemic we are in the middle of. Including Hadestown, it also consists of Tootsie, Wicked, Mean Girls, Dear Evan Hansen, Rent, Oklahoma, Life and Times of the Temptations, Hamilton, 1776, Pretty Woman, Hairspray, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory- that’s a lot of musicals in just one season. They have their overall season- those are the shows that season ticket holders get tickets to, and the extras are just added shows to that pile.

It literally consists of like 18 shows in one season- usually Blumenthal has less than that many.

2 thoughts on “Blumenthal Update- Added Musical

  1. I’m so excited for you! I hope that you get to see the show when it comes around! I’ll definitely be looking out for the tour if and when it comes close to me! I love the soundtrack so much, and I definitely want to be able to see the show soon!


    • When Blumenthal first announced their 20/21 season, I was surprised that Hadestown was not included. I really was convinced by then till then that it may not be included in the upcoming season.

      So, am so glad they decided to add it- waiting to see Hadestown felt forever; even though I wanted to see it since last year


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