May 2020 in Review

As it is finally June, it is time of my month of review. What were some of my highlights.

For Starters

I once again had to find another postponement for a musical that I strongly wanted to see this year. Now, Frozen, the musical I wanted to see the most got postponed. That honestly made no sense- that musical is coming in October, and it was only May when they decided to postpone it. Plus, I found out that Tootsie, a musical coming in November, was postponed as well. Discovering that Tootsie was postponed, it did make me nervous about Wicked due to Tootsie happening a month before Wicked.


Disney Sing A-Long (V2)- they decided to do another. It was a different collection of songs. They did this on Mother’s Day- there were three songs that related to that: “You’ll being My heart”, “Baby Mine”, and “Your Mother and Mine”. That entire collection was dedicated to mothers- it even included the Zootopia Theme Song, Beauty and the Beast and, Remember Me, and A Whole New World. At least that happened.

CATS- This time around, I saw the filmed stage show. It is such a fun and enjoyable musical to watch. Even though it basically has no plot, there are still characters to love and dance to love. This is one of the simple musicals that has a heartbreaking song in it- “Memory” and the others are fun, exciting, and once there even was a scary one in a way (“Macavity”).

Blumenthal Highlight- They decided to add a new musical to its 20/21 season. Hadestown was added to the mix. Hadestown was a musical I have been fascinated by since it swept the Tonys of 2019. Due to the tour coming next October, there could be a strong enough chance it will not be postponed.

Relearning Les Mis- back in Fall 2014 and Summer 2015, I learned how to play Les Mis on the piano. I would always play them each time I got back from GWU. However, once I graduated, I took a long break from playing them. Now, I am so out of practice, meaning I would have to relearn how to play them.

4 thoughts on “May 2020 in Review

    • Now I am kinda worried that Wicked, the last musical I wanted to see this year, will be postponed. Recently when I visited Blumenthal’s page, I found out Tootsie is postponed (that musical was coming in November- one month before Wicked)

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      • It really would be a bummer if it got cancelled! I hope that everything will be a lot better by then, and that you will be able to see it!


      • It will not be quite as disappointing as Anastasia and Frozen due to having seen Wicked four times already

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