Relationship between Author and Character

There are several relationships that happen when reading a book: the reader/the book, the relationship between characters, and there is also the relationship that an author has with their characters. There is something special and extremely personal when it comes to the author and characters. What is that kind of relationship.

Well, while reading a book—-it is true you can sympathize and connect with characters. They can become personal to the reader as well. But that personal relationship is so different when it comes to the author. There is only a certain amount of information you can learn when it comes to the reader.

However, it is the author who knows more about the characters than anyone. You strongly know the personality, the backstory, their age, where they live… about them. In so many ways, the characters are like the author’s children. The author created them after all. I know this first hand due to working on books myself. Even an author can actually love their antagonist or villain. Even though you might dislike them, but you still can love them.

When it comes to an antagonist, you know what they been through. You understand why they act the way they do. You actually can connect to them better than a reader. A reader will usually not really like the antagonist at all. But with an author, they have a stronger connection and personal relationship. For example: while it can be so easy to dislike Sarge, at the same time I can’t help but feel sorry for him. It is actually his father I hate the most (who isn’t a character in my book). I know it is all because of Sarge’s father that made Sarge act the way he does. I actually know more things about Sarge than the character itself.

When I think of any unloving family in fiction, it isn’t any of the pre-existing ones. It is actually Sarge’s family that comes to mind first not the other way around. Actually the relationship between Sarge and Marge is actually a very interesting and complex relationship. Well, my book has multiple relationships: Misty/Sparkle, Darcy/Felipe, and Aries/Darcy are examples of others.

There is no way a reader can figure out everything about a printed character.

2 thoughts on “Relationship between Author and Character

  1. It definitely is a different relationship that the author has with their own character than anyone else can have with that same character. There’s oftentimes just no way that all of the details that the author can share everything they know about a character in the story!


    • It really is impossible not to show everything. The reader/view only knows some things, but the authors sure know a lot more


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