Getting to Know characters

There are so many unique things about musicals. They range from the dance, spectacle, emotion, and emotional connection. One of the most unique things is getting to know characters over time.

Think about it: the first ever experience with characters, you are like looking at a black box not knowing anything. But when you see them unfold in front of your eyes, you are starting to get know them. There is a reason why your first actor/actress is pretty important. Without that first actor/actress, you will not even understand the character in the first place.

As time goes by, you learn more and more about the characters you love. That is pretty exciting. In the musicals you have multiple actors/actresses for, you end up combining them for your interpretation. It is the complex characters that take the longest to fully understand. As you get to know them, emotional and personality shifts do happen: those can literally take you off guard and cause you to question whether or not those fit the character.

The most exciting characters to get to know are those that you love and have a strong emotional connection to. Some of these characters have been in my life for 10+ years. Those are the ones that are really fun—-some of them you actually grew up with and others not.

There is a reason why you love the characters you do. There is a reason why you love feeling their emotions and explore their lives. There is a reason why these characters live in you. It is because of emotional connection-that gives you a want, reason, and desire to feel their emotions no matter if the emotions are easy or tough. Would you want to feel the negative emotions if the characters didn’t matter at all?

2 thoughts on “Getting to Know characters

  1. It’s always awesome to get to learn more about characters as time goes by. I agree about the first portrayal you see being really important in informing your opinions/visions of who a character is. Characters definitely are the most enjoyable part of any story, I think!


    • It really is fascinating finding out more and more about characters- you actually end up loving them more as you are finding new information


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