Classics-My love

There are stories out there that nobody seems to read anymore. Those belong to the classics- as in the ones from the 1800s and before. Those books are some of favorites, and are worth reading. Most people, who are young adults, don’t even think about reading that genre. Where does my love of classics come from.

I think my love for classics comes from two things: A Christmas Carol and Les Misérables. I was raised on watching the George C. Scott movie of A Christmas Carol over the holidays. Later, I became obsessed with Les Mis: which would lead me to read the entire unabridged book. What makes classics like Odyssey, Illiad, Don Quixote, A Christmas Carol, Great Expectations, Tale of Two Cities, Oliver Twist, David Copperfield, Nicholas Nickleby, Hunchback of Notre Dame, and Les Misérables worth reading?

I love classics for the challenge, the characters, and the plot that comes with them. There are is a reason why the classics are called “classics”. An amazing amount of them are still relevant to now. I am a fan of Romanticism, and what I love about that is that they show flaws in characters, and have a focus on emotions. There are flaws in the characters due to how the Romantics feel about imperfection- meaning that the world and people can never be perfect. That is why we see flaws. These characters show real people- in life, humans are complex, and imperfect. A lot of classics have complex characters meaning we can see us in these characters. A lot of them (especially in Romanticism) deal with the emotions a lot more than reason. It can be hard to describe why I love the classics- I do love the challenge and discovering the characters and stories that comes with them.

My favorite classic is Les Misérables. That is no surprise there.

2 thoughts on “Classics-My love

  1. Classics are awesome and it’s so cool that you read so many! A Christmas Carol and Charles Dickens (just in general) were hugely important to me becoming interested in classics! I definitely want to read more classics soon; I’ve got a collection of ones that I haven’t quite gotten to yet!


    • Just happen to have so many. A Christmas Carol was my first classic I was exposed to due to the George C. Scott movie.

      Then once Les Mis entered- my love for classics really began. It still helped growing up on a Dickens story

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