Blumenthal Strong

Despite the fact that Blumenthal had to postpone shows this year, it still is surviving. Not all of their shows this year dealt with that- after all Come From Away came in January and Carolina Opera did La Bohème that same month. So at least, I saw something instead of nothing. While all year (since the pandemic started), sometimes it actually felt like Blumenthal will not survive. But it is and eventually will start up again.

Blumenthal is now on the path of getting musicals back again. They are trying to figure out how to keep everyone safe. Right now, shows threw November (only early November) are postponed. So, the question now is what musical will it be able to open on.

There is a reason why I believe Blumenthal managed to survive. Blumenthal has a lot of supporters and sponsers. It does also include the fact that Blumenthal Performing Arts does a combo of musicals, ballet, opera, and symphonies. So, still was able to not be in financial crisis. Blumenthal Performing Arts means a lot to Charlotte and its fans: after all, they are a huge part of Charlotte’s culture and a huge part of people’s lives. All because of them, I am able to see so many musicals: so far saw Wicked, Les Mis, Come From Away, Newsies, Aladdin, Sound of Music, Pippin, Mamma Mia, Lion King, and Rent (only including those I like or love). So I have to rely on Blumenthal to see Broadway musicals on tour.

Below are examples of shows I saw at one of Blumenthal’s theaters.

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