Stuffed Animals- A Connection

This sounds like a strange post. Yes, I do own a LOT of stuffed animals. However, there is a connection between four of them. What is in common between a snowman, monkey, reindeer, and a bear? The answer is they are musical-theatre themed.

Below are all four stuffed animals that have some musical theme to them.

The monkey is a souvenir from Wicked. I was surprised when I heard I first got that on Broadway. That would mean I had kept that stuffed animal for 14 years. So, I was only 12 when I got that stuffed animal. Wicked is the final musical coming to Blumenthal this year (December-January). Still waiting until I know if that musical will happen or not.

Obviously, the snowman and reindeer are connected. After all, Olaf and Sven are two characters from Frozen. It still was disappointing that I will not see that stage musical this year. A show coming in October got postponed in May. Will eventually make it. But for the time being, I plan to watch Frozen the day I was supposed to.

What in the world does a bear have a musical theatre connection? I will tell the story of how I eventually ended up with her. Every year at Gardner Webb, they have this Candy and Critters event where students make stuffed animals- happen around Valentine’s Day. Well, either the month before or a couple of months before, a staff member actually said- surprised you never once named a stuffed animal after a musical character. I made the decision to do that, but still comes with guidelines. 1) I name stuffed animals after what they look like, 2)had to be from a musical character I love, and 3) had to be from a musical I love. Did not know which character it would be, but once I saw the bear, I was reminded of Eponine from Les Mis. The bear has a brown color scheme and heart-shaped patches with stitch marks around the outside. With Eponine, the costumes she wears are brown shaded and she lives a broken life and dealing with unrequited love (a love triangle)- that bear was so Eponine.

That is how they are connected- Les Mis, Frozen, and Wicked

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