Best Parents from Literature and Musicals

I always did posts on my favorite characters- all of them or just the young or older favorites. But my question is, why did I not write a list of my favorite parents. This list can include both loving and unloving parents. I only can include unloving parents if it is good for storytelling.

  1. Daddy Warbucks
  2. Maurice
  3. Jack Kelly/Enjolras- if the Newsies/Friends of the ABC are like family, wouldn’t their leaders count.
  4. Mufasa
  5. Marge’s Father (well, we don’t seem him in Tale of the Cattail Forest, I know who her father is)
  6. Sarge’s father- really good for storytelling: it makes Sarge such a complex character with a lot of backstory
  7. Thenardiers- example of unloving parents, but good for storytelling purposes
  8. Fantine
  9. Valjean
  10. The Captain
  11. The Cratchit Family
  12. Maria from Sound of Music- I think this counts
  13. Aries- knowing him, he works considering how he looks out for the Fairy Frogs especially toward his nephew. He easily can become a father-figure in someone’s life

Crazy how most of this is from musical theatre characters- there is only a slight difference- only some are from both musicals/books. Some sound crazy, but if you think about it, that can count.

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