Musical Theatre Odd Questions and Statements (Part Two)

I did this post once before, but I can think of a new odd question I have been asked. What are some of these.

1. I can’t believe you don’t remember the first time you saw Lion King live

2. I don’t understand why you are not interested in Hamilton if you are a musical theatre fanatic

3. I bet when you see Lion King, it will be better than Wicked

4. What is your ultimate Les Mis Cast? This question is basically almost impossible to figure out. You have to think of how incredible they could be as a character, but dynamic is also extremely important.

5. Why do you love romance- it doesn’t make sense? Even when I answer, they still are confused

6. Why do you love musicals-I don’t get it? Even after explaining, they still don’t get it.

7. What makes you passionate about musicals if you would never be in one?

8. Why do you keep on going back to Les Mis if it will continue to feel that why?

9. Why do you love Rent-I am confused. I don’t see you as someone who would love that musical

10. I don’t get why you don’t really see an actor or actress in more than one lead role. This is referring to stage productions: the only place that happened is school.

11. Why would you rather see a musical live than a musical movie-it is easier and faster to see a musical movie? Meaning, not understanding the power of live theater.

12. Why would you want to see Les Mis in Spanish if it is not your native language. You will not understand it?

Conclusion (Part 1)

It is interesting how we are told things and asked things like these. They are so hard to explain. Below will be things that I think about. Things I don’t understand.

1. Don’t understand why people can’t respect the understudies/swings- how come they don’t get the appreciation they deserve. After all, originally saw Nick Cartell, Anthony Festa, and Mary Kate Moore in the ensemble, and at the time they were also understudies (just did not need them as understudies). But eventually secured a lead role-Valjean, Chris, and Fantine.

2. Don’t understand why people can’t respect the audience and cast. After all, still hear phones ring, people walking in front of you during the show and people talking. I am like, seriously. You don’t understand how much those actors have worked- it is much harder than it looks even though to us it looks so easy.

3. Why do people not consider musical theatre a genre of music. Musical Theatre is a genre- just adding a more storytelling aspect. Musicals have the advantage of developing and creating stories and characters through song. You are easily able to understand what the songs’ main emotion is and what the song is about- you are witnessing it after all.

Conclusion (Part 2) :

It is interesting how musical fanatics get given and asked all of this. We have an explanation for everything. Musical fans in some ways do get underestimated at times.

What are some odd statements and questions you have been given and things you think about?

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