Will Theater Stay Alive?

One of the most questioning things during this pandemic is if theater will die or stay alive. I actually believe that after, theater will find a way back.

If you think about it, theater began in Ancient Greece. Since then, there have been other epidemics and pandemics. Each time, theater managed to stay alive. Opera and Plays were the main kind of theater early on. Musicals did not really begin until the 1900s. Musical roots are in comic opera- both comedy and romance are trademarks for the genre. If theater can continue after Ancient Greece, I believe we will still have theater after- plays, operas, musicals, and ballets will find a way back.

Its just means a lot of patience. True, some shows we wanted to see got postponed living many theater fans disappointed and frustrated. Theater is slowly making a way back. Broadway, now, is still black until 2021. Blumenthal, now, is trying to get theater open again as soon as possible: Charlotte’s Blumenthal Performing Arts is a combo of ballet, opera, Broadway Tours, symphonies, and musicians. There is a reason why the word, performing arts, come after Blumenthal: it uses different kinds of performance.

Just because things are dark now does not mean theater will be gone for good. Just not when we want it to. With Blumenthal, saw Come From Away, La Bohème, Aladdin, Les Mis, Miss Saigon, Nutcracker, Newsies, Wicked, Rent, Pippin, Sound of Music, Lion King, A Christmas Story: The Musical, Porgy and Bess, La Cage, Addams Family, and Mamma Mia. Did not like all of them, but most.

4 thoughts on “Will Theater Stay Alive?

    • With Blumenthal, don’t know what it is going to open with. Don’t know if it will an opera, musical, a ballet, or the symphony- Blumenthal does all of those


  1. I definitely believe that theatre will come back! Maybe not for a while, but I’m sure that it will. Looking at the unfortunate financial losses of shows, things might be difficult for a time, but I’m sure that the community will pull together to make things be able to go back to something like normal!


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