Musicals that are Disliked

There are a LOT of musicals that exist. There is a chance you will find both musicals you love and musicals you don’t like. I decided to talk about the ones I don’t like today.

Addams Family

I saw this at Ovens Auditorium in October 2011. I actually had to do some research to figure out when I saw it. I knew it was in October in the 2nd half of high school-meaning either 11th or 12th grade. Out of all Blumenthal Theaters, Ovens is the biggest. This was the last stage show I saw before entering college. I came away from the theater just thinking it was just weird. There also was a bit of a song complication- as in not good songs.

Sweeney Todd

This is a musical I really don’t want to see. I am not judging it in the same way I used to view tragedies. I am not being close-minded here. One day on television, my mom and I saw some clips from this musical. I was a bit too grossed out. I feel like this musical would be way too dark and grotesque to my taste.

La Cage

I saw this musical a few days after graduating from Fletcher. That would be in June 2012- still can’t believe that high school ended eight years ago. Fletcher will always mean something to me. La Cage had a song problem- if that happens, that leads to not liking the musical.

Into the Woods

Well, I believe, that the movie was well-done. But did not even like the musical. There were not enough good songs to draw me in.

Porgy and Bess

This was seen in Summer 2014. While I could enjoy it, the songs just didn’t work for me.

Jesus Christ Superstar

I actually saw this on “Shows Must Go On”. I did not really like many of the songs.

Love Never Dies

This musical was one that NEVER should have been made. I love Phantom of the Opera, but it does not deserve a sequel. Love Never Dies made the characters not themselves. Nothing made sense one bit. I never wanted to see this musical, but decided to check it out on “Shows Must Go On”. The Original is perfect just the way it is. There are sequels of other musicals that do much better than this one.


Just because you are a massive musical fan does not mean you have to like every musical. The songs are what make me know if I love it or not- if I don’t like them, then I don’t like the musical. Even plot can play a role: if the plot is terrible, then I defiantly wouldn’t like the musical.

5 thoughts on “Musicals that are Disliked

  1. Every musical fan has at least one musical they don’t really like–that’s what I think, anyways! I really love a few of the ones you have on the list–like Sweeney Todd and Into the Woods–though I understand why some people might not like them too much. Sweeney Todd definitely can be a bit much for some people and I really don’t think it’s the kind of musical that’s appealing to everyone. I actually didn’t like Into the Woods too much the first time I saw it, either, but it grew on me and I enjoy it quite a bit now! 😂 I 100% agree about Love Never Dies, though. It just didn’t really need to be made and it really took the characters and messed them up. I really like some of the songs, but I just can’t bring myself to like the plot or even the characters that I loved in the original!


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