6 thoughts on “Author/Book Series

  1. Hmm, not too sure if I have a favorite but one genre I do like is historical fiction and future fiction. That’s one thing I can think of. Also, fantasy I guess. That’s all I can think of as of right now.


  2. This looks like it will be a fun series!! My favorite genres… I really like historical fiction and classics. I also like fantasy (I’m trying to get back into it now…) but I generally have to take it a lot slower when I read fantasy, particularly high fantasy! I have a lot of appreciation for the genre, though!


  3. I usually divide my time between thriller/mysteries (The Crossing Places, Then She Was Gone, The Cuckoo’s Calling, Memory Man) and chick-lit/romance (not 50 Shades, more Bridget Jones’ Diary, Crazy Rich Asians, The Girl You Left Behind, Me Before You series).


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