5 thoughts on “Author/Book Series #3

  1. Reading books is a really nice way to take a break from writing, while also still working on my writing in a roundabout sort of way. Reading other people’s books can help me pinpoint things about my own writing that I don’t like too much and that’s sometimes really helpful, particularly when I’m trying to figure out what is and isn’t working with my writing! Plus, it’s just really great to be able to enjoy other people’s stories!!


    • In a book, you truly are transported- kinda of like how musicals do the same thing. You have this feeling of escape. Love discovering the characters- I am someone who really loves character-driven books

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      • I 100% agree! I definitely lean more towards character-driven stories as well; the characters typically will make or break a story for me. Of course, the plot remains important but I’d still find it pretty hard to really love a story if I didn’t also love the characters no matter how good the plot is!


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