Hamilton on Disney+ Review

Here’s the thing, I never really got into the Hamilton hype. I may love musicals, but not the genres of hip-hop or rap. The other day, after doing errands with my parents, my mom put on the Hamilton Soundtrack on Amazon Music. I ended up listening to the entire soundtrack, but even with lyrics still could not quite understand at all. Still decided to watch Hamilton on Disney+.

Hamilton really isn’t a terrible musical. It was MUCH better than I thought. However, it is not one of my favorites. When I call a musical a favorite, that means that I love the musical. Hamilton is not fully hip-hop and rap: there are moments that are musical-theatre natured. Loved the talent I was seeing: only saw two of them before: I saw Lin-Manuel-Miranda as Jack, and my first Mimi was Angelica. I first witnessed Rent through the Final Broadway Cast Film.

In some ways I understand the hype, but in some ways I don’t. Meaning, I know a lot of millennial love hip-hop and rap. So that part make sense, but even after watching was still confused. Some words were hard to understand: gibberish is what hip-hop and rap sound like. I did use close-captioning, but even that didn’t help. There was a lot of humor through King George. Just couldn’t fully get into Hamilton. I will stay at that- you don’t have to love and like every musical: after all there are a LOT of musicals.

16 thoughts on “Hamilton on Disney+ Review

    • What I still don’t understand is why do some people think ALL musical fans should love Hamilton. I was called a “fake” musical fan just because I wasn’t interested in Hamilton


      • No way! Really? I have friends who are called “fake” musical theatre fans BECAUSE they like Hamilton! I guess the world is a pretty diverse place 🙂


      • Yes, that did happen. I am defiantly NOT a “fake” musical fan. I love musicals, but not doesn’t mean I should like all of them: there are just so many.


      • I am so a true musical fan. I listen to Broadway songs a lot and watch musical movies along with seeing musicals in person. Even this blog is musical-themed, which truly shows my love for musicals.

        There are a LOT of musicals meaning we will find musicals that we don’t like


  1. I haven’t seen the show, but I’ve heard the soundtrack in its entirety, liked a few songs, appreciated what it has done for theatre, etc. but it’s just not really my thing. It’s just not the kind of musical that I fall head over heels for. That doesn’t make it bad; it’s just not really for me! I’m glad that it’s gotten so much appreciation, though, and I hope that it continues to have a lot of success!


  2. Yeah, I enjoy Hamilton but it’s definitely far from being my favorite musical. But everyone else seems to be obsessed.


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