Contemporary Books I Love

I have both favorite classic and contemporary novel. In contemporary in this sense belongs to classics from the 1900s and books from the 21st century. That even exists to the books I am writing. What exactly are some of my favorite contemporary books?

  1. Uprooted
  2. Spinning Silver
  3. Harry Potter Series
  4. Lord of the Rings Series
  5. Narnia Series
  6. Sisters Grimm Series
  7. Land of Stories Series
  8. Avalon Series
  9. BFG
  10. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  11. Tale of the Cattail Forest
  12. Etc

4 thoughts on “Contemporary Books I Love

  1. The BFG was one of my favorite books, growing up. It’s been years since I read it last, but it’s still a story that’s dear to my heart! I think I may have to reread it sometime soon!


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