All My Characters

Well, one of my favorite things about writing stories are developing my characters. I have a wide range of characters- from Fairy Frogs to Toads to a Lizard to Humans. Their lives, personalities, and backstories are wide-ranging. Do you want to meet all of them right now?

Tale of the Cattail Forest

Fairy Frogs

In general Fairy Frogs are spring green with translucent wings.

Sparkle– she is the main character so it was really fun developing her. She is an adventurous, courageous, stubborn, and rebellious Fairy Frog. She is only 12 years old. Like all Fairy Frogs, she is clever, compassionate, and naturally gifted in the arts. Her craft is in drawing, which she discovered at age three. She really got into drawing at quite a young age: which began when she was only six. She gets extremely annoyed at Tweetsie, my youngest Fairy Frog. She has broken a lot of rules, which she does get in trouble for. That is seen a lot in Tale of the Cattail Forest- this story began when she went to Graysloup to draw. Fairy Frogs aren’t supposed to interact around the toads or be in Graysloup. Sparkle likes to draw basically anything.

She wears a multi-colored artist beret. She has blue eyes that sparkle like a pot of gold and her wings are magenta, and like ALL Fairy Frogs her wings are translucent.

Misty– She and Sparkle are best friends. While Sparkle is naturally talented in drawing, Misty’s craft is singing. She became friends with Sparkle when she was five. She was struggling to find her craft, and Sparkle ended up comforting her. Misty is quite protective of Sparkle- she does not want her best friend to get in trouble. She wears a white dress with yellow on the bottom. She has light blue wings and hazel eyes that have more blue than green.

Aries– He is leader of the Fairy Frogs, head carpenter, and uncle of Darcy. He is an incredible and confident leader, who can doubt himself at times. He wears at red carpenter hat with a white A in the middle. He has orange wings with green eyes. He is extremely concerned about Sparkle due to knowing she breaks the rules at times.

Darcy– Like I already said, he is Aries’ nephew. He has red wings with a work belt that has pieces of sculptures on it. As you can tell, he is a sculpture Fairy Frog. His eyes are green and has red wings. He is only 15 years old. He does help give his uncle advice at times. He and Felipe are extremely similar, and the same time so different. I think that is part of why Darcy and Felipe are best friends.

Felipe– Felipe’s craft is in woodcarving. He actually helps make pieces that can fit into Darcy’s sculptures. He is only 14 years old. He also is wearing a work belt, but with a woodcarving effect on it. He actually gets extremely annoyed at Celeste. She is always borrowing tools from times and usually loses them or forgets to return the tools to him. He has light green eyes with navy blue wings.

Celeste– She is one of my minor characters. She is only eight, which is an exciting time for a Fairy Frog. They really start experimenting with their craft beginning at eight. She is my potter frog, but does have to borrow tools from Felipe, which end up being helpful with her pottery. Right now, all she knows how to make are pots. She has hazel eyes with more green than blue and home to light pink wings. She wears an apron with pieces of pottery.

Tweetsie– She is my youngest and also a minor character. She is extremely energetic, which is why this bugs Sparkle. She is still having a hard time finding time finding her craft. She is only five years old and my smallest. She is way more than you think. You find out later on that she has a lot of bravery found in her. At first, it appears as if she serves no purpose in Tale of the Cattail Forest, but you soon realizes she does. She wears a pink bow and has light purple wings and is the smallest Fairy Frog.


In general, the toads are grey green. The boy toads tend to be the darkest in terms of grey green while the girls have a much lighter grey green.

Sarge– He is my antagonist in the story. He is only 17 years old, but with a heartbreaking and tragic backstory. His mother left him at age four leaving him with an abusive and cruel father. That abuse lasted until he was thirteen. The abuse started with words alone and later it became more physical- physical to the point of getting him permanent scars. He had a short friendship with Norg, but his father did not allow that to happen for a long time. Sarge could only find comfort in “The Bog”, the only place his father couldn’t find him- “The Bog” is the deepest part of Graysloup and Sarge made it a playground of sorts. He got extremely jealous of his younger cousin and uncle. He ended up feeling conflicted, confused, bitter, and angry about what happened. He is the leader of Graysloup, but he ended up being a bully. His easiest target is Marge. He mistreated ALL the toads and Fairy Frogs. He doesn’t even realize how lonely he really is. He has a lot of nightmares about his past making things even worse. His main motive is to break up the friendship between Sparkle and Marge and the friendship between all the Fairy Frogs and Toads.

He actually has black eyes, darkest grey green of all the toads, and obviously with permanent scars caused by his father.

Marge– She is 12 years old, and started being mistreated when she was 8. Even her father didn’t understand what was going on with his brother. Her father didn’t even allow her to see her uncle. Due to being Sarge’s easiest target, Marge saw how terrible Graysloup really was. She actually felt like an outsider and was misunderstood all because she was related to Sarge. She gained a lot of wisdom just because of how Sarge mistreated her. Marge is actually the catalyst of the book: when Sparkle realized how mistreated Sarge treats, she came up with idea of befriending Marge. Then the two of them thought it was a good idea for ALL the Fairy Frogs to befriend ALL the toads. All Marge really wants is for someone to show her compassion and befriend her. While it was against the rules for Sparkle to befriend it, but did it anyways because she felt like it was the right thing to do.

Norg– He is only 19. He actually is one of the most interesting characters in the book. I love his development. He actually started out as Sarge’s spy to see if any Fairy Frog will enter Graysloup or on Marge. But later, SPOILERS: after Sarge blow up on him, he became an enemy of Sarge. He actually began to side with the Fairy Frogs. He knew Sarge’s father all because of that short friendship.

Claude– He only started mistreating the toads because he was demanded to, not because it was in his heart do so. He is only 15 years old.

Effa/Rudy– I like to call these identical twins “peas in a pod”. They are two minor characters, but do serve a purpose. They are only ten.

The only thing that needs to be figured out in terms of development is what the toads look like.

Lizzy the Lizard

Lizzy– She is my curious and adventurous lizard. She lives on a citrus farm in FL. She ends up escaping her farm and soon realizes she has to find a way back.

Greatest Discovery

Jasmine– She is a fraternal twin to Aurora. She has light blue eyes with curly hazel hair. She is small for her age. They were both born to an artsy family and her parents loved Disney. Jasmine is furiously protective of Aurora especially after tragedy struck. The twins were part of the car wreck- their parents died while the twins lived. She is extremely optimistic and and mature. She got into doing the crafts a lot- she loved sewing on beads, buttons, etc….. She got even more furiously protective of Aurora after their parents died. She somehow managed to get a craft bag out of the car during the car wreck. She knew Aurora desperately needed- these two were best friends. But now, all they left is each other. Good thing Jasmine memorized how to make the dolls. I can even see Jasmine becoming a costume designer on Broadway. Right now, I thinking their lost their parents at 6.5 years old.

Aurora– Like I already said, born in an artsy and Disney family. She is the more innocent, curious and stubborn twin. She has a wild imagination. She would rather play with dolls and princesses. Her favorite doll is called Mali (named after Maleficent). That doll can change from pink to blue dresses. That doll was the final doll her mom made her. She struggles a lot more with the death of her parents. She has hazel hair like her sister, but straight along with light blue eyes. She also is small for her age. These twins were born in 1998.

Mollie– She is one of oldest. Her parents really loved atypical spellings of names. Her parents died in a fire, and she was in preschool when this happened. She has hazel eyes with red and straight hair. I haven’t figure out her personality yet. She was born in 1997.

Paige-Just like Mollie, one of my oldest. She has dark light brown eyes with brunette and wavy hair. Her family always had a family night while going once a week to Central Park. She is extremely wise and smart, which is helpful in the show. Greatest Discovery is a scavenger hunt t.v. show. All I know about her parents’ death is that she was in Kindergarten. She was born in 1997

Emily– She is one of my youngest. Her parents died from 9/11 meaning she was only two when her parents lost their lives. She has light brown eyes with blonde hair. She is both curious and innocent. She was born in 1999.

Rosie– She is also one of the youngest. Her father wasn’t part of her life, but eventually a terrible storm hit their house, which killed her mom. She has green eyes with wavy and light brown hair. She is curious and adventurous. She was born in 1999.

The Caregiver– While she doesn’t have a name yet, I still know who she is. She was actually an orphan growing up. She and the girls live near Central Park. They visit Central Park, celebrate birthdays, go to places like American Girl, Times Square, Natural History Museum among other famous sites. She was extremely responsible for getting all six orphans on Greatest Discovery. I do parallel her to Miss. Honey in Matilda. She acts like a real mother to all the girls. The newest girls she has at the moment belong to Jasmine and Aurora.

12 thoughts on “All My Characters

  1. This is so awesome! I agree; characters are one of the best parts of writing! I can’t wait to see as these characters and their stories continue to expand and grow!


    • I have really loved creating and developing them. Some of them are still on the brainstorming stage- only for Greatest Discovery


    • I always had a wild imagination. I hope to eventually write a book in an extensive. While The Cattail Forest is a fantasy world, it is not extensive. I want to create an extensive world like Narnia or Middle Earth

      Liked by 1 person

      • That would be amazing! Building new and exciting worlds must be a fantastic experience, and the hard work you put into it definitely gets rewarded in the end.


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